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I really love books, especially dystopian because they make you laugh cry and feel like some books you can't. My favourite are things like the mortal instruments and delirium but I am open to reading any kind of book. So yeah I'm Hattie an ordinary teenager in England who will read in any spare moment there is. Happy reading <3

Romeo & juliet

Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare Macbeth - William Shakespeare

Schools in England are obligated to so the fantastic work of William Shakespeare and let me tell you now this can be both good and bad. Good factors his work truly is amazing but i cant yet get full appreciation of it and i wish i could, he was just amazingly good at writing and i wish i had talent like his but sometimes you just don't want to sit in a classroom and talk about romeo and Juliet and it can all get a little bit overwhelming to say as much. But i really do love the story of romeo and Juliet it is romantic and although a pretty stupid concept of two teenagers  falling in to love as soon as they see each other the actual play is written with such power and strength and i think that is why i am enjoying this topic so much.

Macbeth on the other hand i did not enjoy as much although after you get full meaning of what is being said and how the characters are being projected its great and you feel stupid for not knowing this play just didn't have the spark i look for in something to read and i had to spend countless hours writing about character development when i would of much rather of doing anything but that.

anyway what i was getting at is that i really do love Shakespeare and his work i just wish we could read his work out of school and do something more exciting with lessons as we only have a small portion of our life to be in a school environment.